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Denise Nahat 

Principal Esthetician & Makeup Design Hair Removal, and Lash and Brow Color  

Reiki Master and Healing Practitioner with La Ho Chi (energy balance), Facial and Body Soundscapes, Egyptian Healing Rods.

Imágery was established over 34 years ago in Scottsdale, Arizona by Denise Nahat, a licensed Cosmetologist. 

Since that time, Denise moved into her own studio in Central Phoenix to pursue skin care as she learned throughout the years. Having troubled skin of her own, Denise knew the only way to great skin is to learn about nutrition and total supplemental internal care. The key to having a well balanced personal life, and creating more fun in a stressful environment. 

Skin Care is just the beginning. Plenty of rest, Exercise, Consuming healthy foods along with lots of water are just the beginning of a good routine.
Add in a monthly massage to help rid of stressful tension build-up and you will soon see and feel the difference. 

Denise has a customized plan for everyone.

Having your own personal consultant will not only help you in your decision for
home care use, but be there when having questions about your own skin care needs. Choosing the proper skin care can be confusing when there are so many items to choose from.  

Massage and Body Therapy, Parafango wrap, and more!
ágery is here for your complete over all experience! 


Types of Facials and Products Available from Imágery:

Enzymes & Exfoliators
Dermal Infusion (Dermal Needling)
Anti-aging, Acne, and enhancing Collagen with Dermal Pen
Epicuren Facial Treatments
Glycolic Peels for acne/blemished skin
Kiwi and Pomegranate for sensitive skin
High Frequency for Anti bacterial treatment
Galvanic Facial Firming
Massage with gentle care
Grape Seed Extracts for Antioxidant Boosting
Pumpkin/Spice for hyperpigmentation
Vitamin C  and Mineral based products

Specializing in Custom Advanced Facials, and trying to determine which kind to have would be decided between you and your Esthetician.  For new clients please allow 15 minutes prior to your appointment to fill out our form.

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By Appointment Only.
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phone message and I will return your call ASAP, 
as I may be in a session or away from salon.

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